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Turns out, after decades of richly-textured life-experience including continual forays into my own depths — the Underworld of the psyche and the Upperworld of spirit, I have been guided through a few radical transformations of my way of being, my work, relationships and my soul at a core-level, altering out-moded patterns across my life, removing distractions and obstacles.

This deeply sacred spiritual work has lead me to claim my soul's purpose and gifts and a truly wild, sacred sense of juicy aliveness marked by clarity to serve people like you and the earth from a place of sacred reciprocity — rooted in compassionate, grounded, open-hearted and soul-centered service.

The way I have come to work with people, as well as the way I live my own life, is grounded in  ancient shamanic tradition of nature-based, soul-centred and spirit enlivening innerwork. What I call, Shamanic Soulwork.

I carry gently these particular shamanic ways of practicing and guiding, as they inform my spiritual work with people, and source how I practice and teach sacred, shamanic ways of living your life creatively with a wild artistry all your own. A deeply creative life that is all at once earth-centered and soul-centered — with the intention to help guide you into a juicy, inspired relationship with your own deliciously alive broken, open heart™.

My formal education includes a master's degree in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, and a bachelor's degree from American University in Washington DC. Recently, I also completed advanced, wilderness-based spiritual work and training through a year-long Vision Quest and Initiation with the Animas Valley Institute with wilderness guide, depth psychologist-gone-wild, and author of Soulcraft, Bill Plotkin, PhD.

Through my depthful and soul-centered journey, I am here to serve as a visionary artisan of cultural evolution — to serve souls, souls like you, I imagine. In this way, I am as much a Shamanic Guide, Poet and Writer, as I am a Jungian and depth psychologist with over a decade of solid experience.

All of this helps to prepare me as an experienced guide to serve and support you on your journey. And while my know-how as a Shamanic Guide goes beyond book-learning, it is equally fortified by my graduate work and training in Depth Psychology, Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Ecopsychology, Dream Tending & Interpretation, Existential Psychology, Spirituality of indigenous peoples, Mythology, Way of the Council, and Ceremonial practices and rituals grounded in ancient shamanic and earth-centered wisdom-ways.

In a nutshell, this isn't about me. I am here, being used by The Sacred, so to speak, to serve your unfolding. I walk the walk, not just talk the talk. My knowledge of how soul and spirit, the Underworld and the Upperworld connect with and inform our lives in the everyday Middleworld of work and relations with other people, and the very alive and animated world inhabited by other-than-humans —the plants, animals and the all the elements is at the heart of what I offer as a Shamanic Guide.

It would be my privilege to help you cultivate and embody a full, soul-centered, spiritual way of being and living that is uniquely, creatively — your own. A way that is infused with spirit and enlived by your unfolding reciprocal relationship with the earth, the plants, the animals and the elements, and with the Gaian consciousness rooted in wilderness, in the archetypal Feminine, and in love itself.

I'd be honored to guide you on your meandering shamanic path. One I'd support you on every step of the way. Skillfully. Authentically. Soulfully.


Whether you're wondering about the overall process of shamanic counseling or Jungian Psychotherapy and Soulwork — whether you're new to all this or have been on this path a while — if you want to know more about my approach — what it is and how it might help you, please ask me. I'm be happy to talk with you.

When you're ready to set up your first session, please call me or email me. Centrally located in Capitol Hill in Denver, CO 80203. I offer a free Initial Consultation & Sliding Scale —

Online therapy & online shamanic counseling is always an option on Skype, video chat and email.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
      —Melissa La Flamme, MA, Jungian Psychotherapist, Shamanic Counselor, Author & Poet

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Shamanic Counseling

To guide you into healing your unique wounds, unlocking the Medicine in your wounds, retrieving pieces of your soul, and refreshing your connection with the sacred in your everyday life, I provide shamanic counseling in the Mexican healing tradition of Curanderismo, in the form of "platicas del corazon," or heart to heart talks, in the knowledge that "corazon cura corazon," meaning heart heals heart.

I provide shamanic counseling to help you heal what is in the way of you offering your soul's gifts of service to the world, throughout your apprenticeship, we will attend to the unfolding of your unique Soul Story — the deeper mythopoetic Story of what you are here for — what the poet, David Whyte calls revealing, "the image you were born with." The Story of what weaves together and makes meaning of your numinous life experiences — beginning with your Sacred/ Original Wound and your Sacred Soul Gifts, which are the medicine in your wound. The medicine you carry which may be revealed to you when you are ready.

Shamanic Journeys with Live Drumming — either indoors or out on the land

To guide you into the shamanic Dreamtime of the Underworld and Upperworld where you encounter, talk with, and learn from your spirit guides and unlock your soul gifts to awaken to what you are for.

Shamanic & Archetypal Dreamwork

To work with your night-time dreams by embodying them to bring them alive so that you may develop vital and ongoing conversations with the images, archetypes and figures of the Dreamtime — the archetypal images and figures of the Underworld, the collective unconscious and your own personal unconscious. This is foundational and essential shamanic work so that you may become informed by and well-versed in what the Dream Maker has come to teach you about your shamanic path and your soul's gifts of vision and service to the world.

Soul Retrieval

Often, childhood or later life woundings and traumas will induce in us a psychospiritual experience of soul loss. Our soul or parts of it, will take refuge and flee from the experience of the trauma. In this sort of situation, we may feel bereft, lost, empty, have difficulty in relationships, with work, and finding our path. Soul retrieval is a powerful and sacred process to guide you into your own psyche and by way of Spirit to methodically go about retrieving your soul and your capacity to create a relationship with all of life, in its infinitely sacred forms. This wildly transformative process and practice, I will guide you through, as I serve as a mid-wife to help guide and deliver you into a life that feels ensouled and alive again.

Sacred Ceremony — conducted indoors or out on the land of the foothills

Sacred ceremony created and enacted for your unique path. To extract and release psychospiritual blockages in your body and soul. To mark threshold crossings. To create and make vows that shatter old patterns and invite new soul-centered, life-giving ways of being. To develop and strengthen your relations with spirit guides, as well as with the other-than-human intelligences of the Dreamtime and the natural world of earth, plants, animals, waters, rocks, and all the ones of the Gaian consciousness.

Let's talk about becoming wildly, beautifully alive. On your way to discovering your soul's sacred gifts and purpose — deeply attuned to how you belong in the world, and to all of nature in and of the earth and throughout the other Worlds.

Here, you're standing at a threshold to arouse your wildest potential — your in-born gifts to live and serve creatively on behalf of soul and spirit, earth and all creatures, and every elemental force. Soulfully. From your heart's center. Courageously. Beautifully.

To explore a path to unearth your purpose, and to live in a way that is deliciously alive is what Shamanic Soulwork is all about. A way of being that brings you fully, radically here. Now. Creatively ensouled. This is your birthright. It's not a luxury. It's what you are for.


As a shamanic counselor, guide and visionary artists, I am here to serve you by guiding you into fully birthing your inherent human and spiritual potential.

In person in Denver and worldwide via Skype, I counsel and guide people who feel called to explore a radical conversation with the core Self and with the spirit world — to come into a vital relationship with your soul's calling, igniting the shamanic life-force of the fire in your belly, the sacred creative energy at the heart of every authentic and luminous soul. 


My shamanic approach offers you catalyzing guidance at a soul-level. Solid guidance for your inner and outer journeying to alight your intuition and hone your inner voice — through ancient, tried and true nature-based/earth-based ways that I have grounded in modern depth psychological ways, in ecotherapy, Archetypal psychology and Jungian-based innerwork, including Shadow Work on the Descent to soul in the Underworld, as well as archetypal and shamanic Dream work with the deep imagery of your night dreams. and shamanic journeys and visions.

I offer a soul-centered shamanic approach that is wrapped around ancient ceremonial ways to invoke the sacred in the everyday life of your soul, spirit, mind and body.


This particular approach is rooted in the wisdom-ways of ancient, indigenous peoples worldwide, grounded in Mystery, while rooted in the earth, and brought to full flowering as we journey into the depths of Underworld of your soul and the collective soul. And as we rise and extend our hearts and minds to the Upperworld of spirit and the cosmos, while we build strong bridges back to the middleworld of your work, relationships and everyday-life of living and serving.

This way, invites you to inhabit your imagination and live into the soulful and spirit-invoking questions that seem to beckon you, the ones that have no right to go away so that you may wholeheartedly live into what you really long for, and how you are here to serve.


This work will likely take us out into nature, beyond the walls of any structure — out into the close-in wilds of the foothills or the semi-wilds one of our city parks — and deep into what most clearly mirrors your psyche, bearing a reflection of Mystery and your own soul to open you to the potential to claim your soul's most healing and creative gifts. These are the unique gifts that only you carry, which are found in and retrieved as the Medicine in your own Wound. The gifts you came here to give-away to the world.

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