Our work together will help you feel more alive and grounded, more centered in your own soul, individually and in relationship with others. Here's what a session might look and feel like:

We engage deeply in therapy to help you come to know and then, release what's in the way of living meaningfully and feeling free and alive.

I'll work with you to create a deeply supportive and safe space to explore the roots of what's troubling you and remove the obstacles that are in the way of living how you want to;

Tap into, listen to, and hone your inner voice;

Look at various ways to sort through otherwise complex and confusing situations by offering you my deeply engaged presence and an objective, non-judgmental sounding board;

Safely allow feelings to flow, experiencing their power to help you find clarity, feel more alive and free;

Explore ways to connect with the natural world around you — whether it's walking outside in your neighborhood, at the park, hiking in the mountains, or gardening, running, cycling, being with your dog or cat — to help you feel better and more alive so that you can create the life you want. There are so many healing ways to connect with the natural world that have been shown, in studies and throughout history, to radically help us feel more juiced, balanced, loving, productive, and alive.

Discover some new ways to look at old patterns or problems and learn to recognize and open the windows into your unconscious and the collective unconscious to provide you a new depth of awareness that can show you the way to some of the changes you can imagine making; Begin to see into and through your night dreams and day dreams to experience a richer understanding of their meaning, and learn how to act on what's revealed to you;

Cultivate "the eyes" to see and experience your life differently — more meaningfully, more imaginatively, more satisfyingly;

Create a deeper, very authentic relationship with your self and your own soul, as well as with others in your life and with the natural world — and know the freedom, fulfillment and inner power that goes with that.

Our work together is about tending your unique experience, turning inward to hear your inner voice — the one that carries wisdom — and then, empowering your voice and your actions in the world so that you can live the way you want to.

So it would be my privilege to guide you deeper into your journey, helping you reclaim the way you want to live your unique life as a free, creative and thriving individual — connected to the whole.


Whether you're wondering about the overall process of Jungian Psychotherapy and Soulwork — whether you're new to all this or have been on this path a while — if you want to know more about my approach to Jungian Psychotherapy and Soulwork — what it is and how it might help you, please ask me. I'm be happy to talk with you.

When you're ready to set up your first session, please call me or email me. Centrally located in Capitol Hill in Denver, CO 80203. I offer a free Initial Consultation & Sliding Scale.

Online therapy & online shamanic counseling is always an option on Skype, video chat and email.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

                       —Melissa La Flamme, MA, Jungian Psychotherapist, Shamanic  Counselor, Author & Poet

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*The phrase, "your one wild and precious life," is from the poet, Mary Oliver.


Feeling depressed and low on energy;

Stuck and unable to get out of a rut;

Anxious, overwhelmed, worried and unable to feel balanced and grounded;

Burdened by racing thoughts you can't seem to quiet;

In a quarter-life crisis and feeling lost;

Healing from childhood abuse: psychological, emotional, physical or sexual abuse;

Healing the traumatic aftermath of sexual harassment or sexual assault;

Working through and healing from the emotional abuse of a Narcissistic partner, parent or both;

Struggling with a significant relationship or marriage — we can work individually or with you as a couple;

Struggling with emotional intimacy and/or sexual intimacy;

Struggling with working through an affair or infidelity and/or the effects of one on you and others;

Wanting help with communicating with your partner or other significant people in your life;

Contemplating or experiencing a relationship break up or divorce;

Having difficulties with dating/ meeting the right partner, creating a sustainable relationship;

Longing to discover or renew your life's direction, purpose, or spirituality;

Wanting to make a deeper, soul-centered connection with your Self.

Experiencing creative blocks and want help breaking through;

Struggling with career or life-work path/ purpose, finding fulfillment and satisfaction with work;

Gay, lesbian or bisexual and would like a safe, supportive place to work through relationship issues or difficulties with social life or dating;

Struggling with body image and its effects on self-esteem;

Adjusting to significant changes in your life;

Struggling with grief from the loss of someone or something you love;

Feeling like you can't put your finger on what's wrong; that something’s missing from your life and relationships and you want to find out what it is;

Seeking to deepen your relationship with spirituality so as to experience more aliveness and connection — more juice, reverence and appreciation for what is really vital to you on your path;

Seeking deeper meaning and purpose in your life;

In midlife, feeling stuck, empty, a bit lost;

Wanting to cultivate your authentic voice, your true self and individuality;

Having difficulty changing troubling patterns that seem to be holding you back;

Longing to discover or renew your life's direction, purpose, or spirituality;

Longing for the experience of a more enriching and reciprocal romantic love;

Wanting to make a deeper, soul-centered connection with your Self.
As a Jungian Psychotherapist, in my work with people, I take to heart the original meaning of the word psyche, which means soul in Greek, and the root word of therapy is therapeia, which means to tend or care for.

So my work with people is so often about helping to tend to the needs, the questions, all the facets of your soul, of your psyche. Caring for and developing an authentic and fruitful relationship with your Self, with others in your life, your relationships, your work and career, and with the world around you is at the heart of Jungian Psychotherapy and Shamanic Soulwork.

When I work with people, I am very engaged, present, compassionate, consistent — and more than anything else —real with you. So our work together tends to feel alive and helpful, as we actively sort through your feelings and thoughts, and identify and remove obstacles that keep you from experiencing the sort of life and relationships you want.

As you tell your story and as our relationship unfolds, I'll listen with you, valuing and appreciating your unique experiences, offering down-to-earth guidance and real-world support and consistent, caring connection for you along your way. With practical observations, intuitive insights and genuine involvement with you, I'll help you--at your own pace--see through, and perhaps transform what's most difficult so that you are free to live the way you want to.

Hello there and welcome.

I respect your courage in exploring this healing path of power to create a life that's deliciously alive. Fruitful. Balanced and truly free, reflecting your own way of embodying who you are born to be.

As a Jungian Psychotherapist and Shamanic Counselor, I am here to guide you into your most creatively human potential — to unearth what you're here for by helping you activate some ancient wisdom-ways of healing combined with 21st century depth-psychological practices and tools to help heal what you're struggling through, and unearth what you are here for — body and soul.

We can work together to transform the roots of your struggles into a deeper understanding of your needs, your relationships, and your life's direction and purpose. A life that is naturally healthy, balanced and fruitful. Grounded in your dreams. Centered in your soul. Rooted in freedom.

I'll listen with you, offering down-to-earth support, useful, intuitive insights to help you transform what's difficult into the life you want. Together, we'll create a practical, yet soul-centered approach to helping you cultivate your unique voice and reflect your authenticity so that you feel free, living a life that is fulfilling and joyful.

In Jungian therapy, we can work together to guide you into reclaiming a soulful way of living, along with renewed hope, clarity, strength, & deeper understanding of your needs and desires, your direction and life's purpose. In a safe and private space, I help people work through and release what's in the way of living life freely and meaningfully.

Melissa La Flamme, MA

Jungian Psychotherapist  |  Shamanic Counselor | Author & Poet
190 East 9th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203

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Online therapy always an option

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In the way I work with people in Jungian psychotherapy and soulwork, I pull from a deep well-spring of psychological, philosophical, and spiritual traditions with many of their roots in indigenous cultures of the world. These traditions include the following:

Jungian Psychology. The gist of which is about our unique development as enlivened individuals, becoming more and more authentic, and who we truly are — guided by our souls, our deepest Self, living out the story of our lives as fully, creatively and uniquely as we are called to;

Depth Psychology, Shamanism, Ecopsychology, Archetypal Psychology, Existential Psychology, Nature-based Spirituality, Mythology, Fairy tales, Literature, Music and Film to open us to the root-level en-livening, en-souling power of our imagination as well as the unconscious — imagination's deeply rooted connection with our psyche and soul and with the heart and soul of the planet on which we walk. We work this way to lend a sense of universality and objectivity to what's troubling, which often helps to open up a certain depth of understanding into what brings on our suffering and its potential purpose for our life's journey;

Working with otherwise unconscious images, thoughts, dreams, sensations and feelings to awaken new awareness of what our psyche and our body is asking for of us and attempting to tell us;

Working with the metaphors of what we literally experience as a way to help us see through what's most painful into its deepest meaning for how we live into what we're here for;

Dreamwork to tap into what our soul, our psyche is asking of us and beckoning to us to see — to show us the gifts we came to offer our own souls and the world;

And the matrix of Western culture that so influences our experiences — personally and professionally.

All these pieces of psyche, soul, and Self help to guide and embody our work together, allowing me to work with you and help you in a way that suits your unique set of experiences so that you can cultivate more of your authentic Self and live your life as fully as you want to.

As a Jungian Psychotherapist and Shamanic Guide, I act as a naturalist of the psyche, — meeting you right where you are, serving as a highly-attuned, warmly-empathic witness, an active and expert "trail guide" to guide you through the inner wilderness of your own, and out the other side into a life that is marked by soulfulness, creativity, aliveness and yes — love. Love for yourself and for the world around you. Your soul's wildest potential is waiting to be birthed on the solid ground of "your one wild and precious life."


On this journey, I have become a visionary artisan of cultural evolution — here to serve souls like you, in the unfolding process of becoming wildly, deliciously alive and deeply human.

In this way, I am as much poet and writer, shamanic guide and teacher, as I am a Jungian psychotherapist and depth psychologist with over a decade of solid experience serving people's psychological and spiritual needs.

So all of this helps to prepare me as an experienced guide to serve and support you on your journey. And while my know-how as a Jungian Psychotherapist, Depth psychologist, and Shamanic Guide goes beyond book-learning, it is equally fortified by my graduate work and training in Depth Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic psychoanalysis, Depth Psychology, Jungian Psychology, and Archetypal Psychology, Ecopsychology, Dream Tending & Interpretation, Humanistic Psychology, Existential Psychology, Spirituality, Philosophy, Literature and Mythology.

As I answered the call to help others experience the transformative process brought about through Jungian psychotherapy and soulwork, my graduate training from Pacifica Graduate Institute continues to play a unique role in preparing me to work in-depth with people — to not only help relieve the pain of the symptoms of what's troubling you, but to help you learn what these painful symptoms may have come to teach you about your own journey, your own soul so that as we work through them you can and go beyond them into cultivating a life that's rich, juicy, real, and rooted in what you are for.

In a nutshell, this isn't about me. I am here, being used so to speak — to serve you in your unfolding. I walk the walk, not just talk the talk. My knowledge of how the psyche transforms, expands and grows, translates into helping people creatively navigate — not only every-day challenges, but the milestone crises that naturally occur in our lives — to find new ways to work through obstacles and live fully and authentically, unburdened by depression, anxiety, stifling patterns, or unhealthy relationships. To thrive freely.

Over a decade of working with and valuing people’s unique stories and experiences allows me the privilege of caring for and tending to the psyche, and glimpsing the creativity and resilience in each of us, which is so often catalyzed and nurtured by the sort of soulwork I engage in with people

It would be my privilege to help you creatively cultivate and embody the full, authentic life and way of being that you dream of. I'd be honored to guide you on your meandering path. One I'd support you on every step of the way. Compassionately. Skillfully. Practically. Soulfully.


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