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Affordable Fee: Pay What You Can.
The fee is based on what you can afford. Meaning, my standard fee is $125/hr, with the understanding and in the spirit of respect and reciprocity, those who have more will offer more — either $125/session or more, and those who have less, will just offer less.

Sessions held in-person in Denver, Colorado. And nationwide on Skype.

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 As a Jungian Psychotherapist and Shamanic Counselor, Melissa La Flamme will guide you into your wildest potential, your most creatively human way of being — to unearth what you are here for.

Taking this step, is a courageous one, as you explore this healing path of power to create a life that's deliciously alive. One that is truly free, reflecting your own way of embodying who you were born to be — to offer the gifts that are only yours to give away.

"Your cellular capacity to imagine — unbound — is a subversive technology, altering every thing in you, around you, through an evolutionary spin, juicy with elemental creativity and the healing power to set you free, bring you wildly alive. This is what you are for."—Melissa La Flamme, Jungian psychotherapist, shamanic counselor and teacher, author of WHAT YOU ARE FOR: Inciting A Revolution In Your Soul

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Announcing — the new book, by Melissa La Flamme:

What You Are For:

Inciting A Revolution In Your Soul

In paperback April 2015 — at all major online book sellers

Melissa La Flamme, MA

Jungian Psychotherapist  |  Shamanic Counselor and Teacher  |  Author and Poet

— Affordable Fee: Pay What You Can —

In Denver, CO 80214 or nationwide on Skype

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