Melissa La Flamme, MA

Jungian Psychotherapist  |  Shamanic Counselor | Author & Poet
190 East 9th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203

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What You Are For:

Inciting A Revolution In Your Soul

by Melissa La Flamme

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 As a Jungian Psychotherapist and Shamanic Counselor, Melissa La Flamme will guide you into a deeply grounded and imaginative place within you. And from there, into your wildest potential where we will find your most creatively human way of healing and coming deeply alive — fully inhabiting what you are here for. 

I honor your courage in exploring therapy and healing right now. As a Jungian Psychotherapist & shamanic counselor, I offer solid, soul-centered guidance and down-to-earth help when you feel stuck, depressed, anxious, stressed, struggling in some sort of crisis, to help you reclaim hope and a sense of purpose.

Together, we can transform the roots of your struggles into a deep understanding of your self, relationships, gifts, purpose. As I listen with you, I offer practical, soulful support; useful, intuitive guidance to help you transform what's difficult into the life you can imagine for yourself.

Please check things out. You'll probably find the info in here helpful right now. And when you're ready, please contact me with your questions or to set up your first session. 

Free initial consultation& sliding scale available.

In-person in Denver, Capitol Hill, 80203. And working with me online is always an option: Skype, video chat and email.

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